About OC&C

More than 30 years of unpicking the most complex business challenges with simple, uncommon sense.

We’re an international consulting firm, but we’ve never seen size as an end in itself. Our expertise is focused on a few core specialisms, allowing us to deliver results that get noticed. 

Our people are agile thinkers, cut from different cloths but united by a relentless curiosity and desire to solve problems. 

To us, each client challenge is unique, so boilerplate solutions don’t cut it. We interrogate a problem until we find its root. Then we develop a powerful way to solve it. We don’t duck the difficult answers, we give clients the strategies they need.

We develop strategies with our clients that are creative, sometimes provocative, always practical and, above all, actionable.

Our principles

We know what we're great at

We're relentless in pursuit of the right answer

We're surprisingly human

Senior Leadership

OC&C's senior leadership encompass a broad variety of backgrounds and commercial experience gained in both consulting and non-consulting environments. You will find our partners and their teams engaged, hands-on, and committed to helping our clients win.

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Social impact

We take pride in putting our skills to work for the benefit of others, by helping charities achieve a step-change in their performance.

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OC&C deliver clear thinking and unique strategic insights to our clients across the globe.

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