Organization, Governance and Culture

There are four situations which demand the transformation of a company's organization: the appointment of a new CEO, a significant change in strategy, a post-merger integration or divestiture, and the need to improve an inefficient organization.

OC&C’s “Strategy Business Alignment” is a comprehensive and continuous program that ensures alignment with strategic objectives from the definition of the new organization to its implementation.

It aims at aligning seven components with the strategy: (1) management style, (2) governance model (role of the center), (3) key decision processes and decision bodies, (4) organization structure, (5) resources allocation and performance management cycle, (6) skills and (7) IT structure.

To do so, we follow a three-step approach:
  • Set direction, guidelines & rules: define management & organization principles and articulate strategy at the Management Unit level
  • Set enablers for true achievement of strategy: design  organization, align business  processes & technology, align competencies and allocate resources
  • Plan and execute a successful transformation thanks to a clear, shared and continuously fine-tuned change journey