Before you apply, take some time to learn about OC&C: visit the website, read some of our publications and attend a recruitment session. Think about our business proposition and what we do.

Build a strong application consisting of a well written CV and cover letter. Candidates should set out their academic results, highlighting outstanding achievements, as well as relevant work experience and extra curricula activities. Above all, aim for clarity and make it easy for us to distinguish you from other applicants.

The Role for You

There are four main entry levels to a career at OC&C:


The best Bachelor and Master’s graduates from leading universities and colleges generally join us as Associate Consultants.


Graduate students usually join as Associate Consultants. Our genuine meritocracy combined with the benefits of your PhD will enable you to progress more quickly: most of our PhDs reach promotion ahead of their peer group.


Top MBAs from top schools as a rule join at Consultant level. You will take responsibility for a significant portion of the project as well as being given sufficient support to make a successful transition into consultancy.

Experienced hires

Recruits with appropriate high performing track records from the world of business join us at Associate Consultant, Consultant or Manager level, or, given consulting experience, as Associate Partners or even full Partners. OC&C also offers internship placements to outstanding and action-driven candidates each summer. Undergraduates, graduates and MBA students are all welcome. You will join the team full-time, conducting analysis, serving clients on projects and gaining firsthand experience in consulting.

What We Look For

At OC&C we look for academic brilliance and a proven track record, so strong grades from a top institution are essential. We are not fussy about what you have studied; our consultants join from a variety of disciplines. Rather, we want you to demonstrate an intellectual liveliness, a desire to talk about new ideas and the capability to bounce them back and forth. Furthermore, we look for a natural curiosity: our consultants are intrigued by new ideas and actively seek innovative solutions to complex problems.

Areas of Focus:

  1. Consulting is a team exercise. No single person can solve the multifaceted problems that we come across on a daily basis. So our consultants have to be team players, able to get the best out of the people around them as well as themselves.
  2. Problem solving and an analytical mind are essential. From day one you’ll be dealing with problems that need to be broken down into their component parts and analysed strategically from the bottom up.
  3. Communicating ideas clearly and concisely is a core consulting skill. Whether you are a new Associate Consultant contributing during a team meeting or an experienced Manager discussing with clients, you need to be able to explain yourself with clarity.
  4. Creativity and innovation are highly valued at OC&C, particularly as your career progresses. Being able to remove yourself from the parameters of the question and tackle the problem from a unique perspective distinguishes you from other consultants and thereby OC&C solutions from our competitors.
Case Studies
We use case studies to assess your problem-solving and structuring skills. We do not expect candidates to actually solve the cases in interviews. The interview is more about gauging how candidates approach problems, and the thought processes they use to devise steps to solve it. 

Many people have never encountered a case interview before, but they all follow a general pattern. The cases can be on any topic, from the size of the diaper market in the Netherlands to how many tennis balls would fit in Wembley Stadium to a business strategy topic, involving company financial data and graphs. But they will all have the same fundamental aims - to test your ability to think logically and analytically under pressure, your commercial awareness and your ability to focus on, and prioritize, the key issues.


Can you have a life outside of OC&C?

The main priority is always to ensure that OC&C exceeds our clients’ expectations, which can occasionally require long hours. That said, there are two reasons why OC&C consultants are more effective at maintaining a life outside of work. First, our travel model enables much more time to be spent in your home city than is the norm in most consulting firms. Second, our culture emphasizes results more than face time. Consultants have the flexibility to work around commitments outside of work. As consultants refine their skills, they become more effective at getting more done in less time, leaving more availability to sustain interests – hobbies, family, or community service – outside of the office. OC&C is committed to cultivating a sustainable lifestyle and building a team of consultants that are well-rounded.

What opportunities besides project work are available to Consultants?

Consultants are expected to serve a myriad of leadership roles beyond just project work. They quickly have to assume lead roles in training, recruiting, and social activities to reinforce the backbone of the firm. As Consultants develop and become more comfortable with the capabilities of the firm, they will also become increasingly involved in business development, conducting background research, developing work plans, and presenting proposals to prospective clients.

What is expected of Consultants in terms of hours and travel?

Consultants are expected to ensure that OC&C is delivering the highest quality work product. Typical work weeks generally require roughly 50 hours. However, hours can vary considerably depending on the nature of the project work and the effectiveness of the consultant.

As for travel, OC&C’s model is not based on being on the client site for more than periodic trips. The majority of our engagements are strategic in nature, which generally require less time on-site than consulting work that is operationally focused. On many projects, travel is limited to key meetings – kickoff, interim updates, and final report outs. Some projects do occasionally require more intensive on-site time, but OC&C makes an effort to limit the number of these projects on which a Consultant is staffed in a given period of time.

What does a typical project entail for an Associate Consultant?

Associate Consultants are masters of detail. They’re responsible for obtaining and manipulating any raw data into something useful for the team they are working with. On an acquisition due diligence project, this might entail designing a web survey, administering it, and analyzing the results. When scoping the market for a particular product, the Associate might spearhead the research, scouring the web for relevant articles, product reviews, or studies. If we’re working on sales strategy, the Associate might be the point person for analyzing the client’s database of customers. We take great pride in our Associates’ ability to do things with data that the client never expected.

That being said, Associate Consultants are not simply relegated to the analysis behind the scenes. They work side by side with Consultants to translate our findings into words, graphs, and diagrams. As they gain more experience, Associate Consultants are quickly given the opportunity to interact directly with clients, coordinating data requests, communicating findings, and presenting final work projects. 


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